Safety & Legal

Safety and Fun are our Priority!

The staff at The Enchanted Pony Party Co., LLC. takes every precaution to ensure a safe and fun experience for you and your guests. These precautions include:
  • inspecting the ponies and their tack before each party or pony-ride appointment to make sure the ponies are healthy and sound, and their tack is undamaged and serviceable;
  • keeping an eye on the weather to watch for local winds strong enough to make riding ponies unsafe;
  • using clean, undamaged, SEI-approved riding helmets;
  • restricting pony rides to the confines of our fenced riding arena;
  • keeping the ponies in the physical possession of staff members whenever they are giving rides;
  • maintaining the property to keep red ants to the minimum possible;
  • inspecting and maintaining the playground and other equipment so it is safe for use;
  • asking that guests wear closed-toe shoes;
  • prohibiting balloons as they can spook the ponies.

Utah Equine and Livestock Activity Liability Limitations
Utah Code 78B-4-202

Liability Waiver and Release

A Liability Waiver and Release form must be filled out for every rider in advance of the rides and signed by the participant's parent. Guests will not be allowed to ride without providing The Enchanted Pony Party Co., LLC with a signed release. You can view and print a copy of the Liability Waiver and Release form by clicking HERE. Please click HERE to contact me for more information.


Our property is in an area that sometimes has high winds that make being outside unpleasant and riding ponies unsafe. Typically the mornings are calm and the wind builds during the day, which is why--in addition to high summer temperatures--we schedule parties for mid-morning. If, in the unlikely event the morning of your party will be windy enough to make riding the ponies unsafe (safety of conditions will be determined by us), or there is unexpected rain, you can choose to reschedule your party for a different day or we will refund 100% of your party fee (including the deposit).

If your birthday girl or boy is sick the day of the party we can hold your 50% deposit and reschedule the party for a different day. We cannot refund deposits due to sickness. Please click HERE to contact me for more information.