Private Pony Rides:

Private pony rides are $20 for 30 minutes (time may be split between 1-3 riders). Rides are typically scheduled for mid-morning due to local wind patterns and summer temperatures. In the Spring and Fall when temperatures are lower, rides may be available in the afternoons if the wind allows. Please click HERE to contact me for more information.

Pony-Ride Parties:

Parties are 2 1/2 hours. One hour of this time is for the pony rides and the remaining time is for you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your party activities (games, presents, cake, lunch, etc.) in our beautiful backyard.

The price for 2 1/2 hours at the property and one pony is $200.00. In an hour one pony can give 10-12 rides (about 5 minutes each ride). You can add a second pony for an additional $50, which will allow for the kids to have longer rides or more than one ride. If you have fewer than 10-12 riders, they can have as many rides as the hour allows.

A 50% deposit of the party fee is due at the time of booking. This is non-refundable (with the exception of cancellation due to weather, see below). The remaining 50% is due the day before the party. You can pay with cash, or a credit card over the phone or onsite at the property. We cannot accept checks. Please click HERE to contact me for more information.


Our property is in an area that sometimes has high winds that make being outside unpleasant and riding ponies unsafe. Typically the mornings are calm and the wind builds during the day, which is why--in addition to high temperatures during summer months--we schedule parties for mid-morning. If, in the unlikely event the morning of your party will be windy enough to make riding the ponies unsafe (safety of conditions will be determined by us), or there is unexpected rain, you can choose to reschedule your party for a different day or we will refund 100% of your party fee (including the deposit).

If your birthday girl or boy is sick the day of the party we can hold your 50% deposit and reschedule the party for a different day. We cannot refund deposits due to sickness. Please click HERE to contact me for more information.